BLOXPO is Europe’s largest blockchain conference and takes place in Stockholm on May 17th 2018. The conference is organized by Stockholm Blockchain, the YouTube influencer Ivan On Tech and the Swedish Blockchain Association.

For the 2018 edition, we are joined by politicians, global blockchain experts and business leaders from multiple industries at this year’s venue, Friends Arena in Stockholm. The conference will cover a range of topics, such as how decentralized applications will disrupt our way of business and how the future of money will be put on its edge as cryptocurrencies continue to grow.

BLOXPO was founded to inspire people and organizations to invest, build and start companies with blockchain. Together we have the possibility to make the world more transparent, connected and democratic.

May 17th, 2018. 8:30AM – 5:30PM

1000+ attendees

30+ international & local speakers


See you again next year!

The Speakers

Our speakers come from a broad range of different countries, industries and sectors. Early-adopters and entrepreneurs to business leaders, investors and politicians, they all will be there.

These are the first announced speakers, more will follow soon.

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Ivan Liljeqvist

Blockchain Expert & Influencer – Ivan on Tech

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Amrit Kumar

Head of Research at Zilliqa

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Daniel Akenine

National Technology Officer Microsoft

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Richard Heart

Bitcoin Thought Leader & Author

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 Larry Sanger

Co-founder Wikipedia & CIO Everipedia

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Isabella Löwengrip

Löwengrip Invest & Nordic Tech House

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Amira El-Bidawi

Business Developer – Vattenfall

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Christian Ander

Founder BTCX & Blockchain advisor to major Banks in Sweden

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Catherina Geiselhart

Senior Consultant PWC – Blockchain in the energy sector

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Per Bolund

Minister for Financial Markets – Swedish Government

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Amadeo Brands

Fundamental Analyst/IT Manger – Cyber Capital
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Sebnem Rusitschka

Founder Freelio, Tokens & Tech at <THE SUN PROTOCO>

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Alexander Mitrovich

Managing Partner, USETECH.COM

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Elfriede Sixt

Crypto Accounting & Tokenomics. Founder of the Token Summits Vienna

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Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler

ICO regulation and blockchain law

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Johan Sällström

Co-founder Carechain

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Jessica Rosencrantz

Member of Swedish Parliament

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Viktor Tigerström

Senior Blockchain Developer – OneAgency

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Walid Al-Saqaf

University Researcher in Blockchain and Media Technology

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Jonas Möller

Business Developer at Sisyfos Digital

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Kadan Stadelmann

CTO at Komodo

  • null


Gisela Edendahl

Business development and Transformation – IBM

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Johan Toll

Blockchain Innovation Strategy – Nasdaq

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Hendrik Hey

CEO and Founder – Welt der Wunder

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Sebastian Hermelin

COO and Co-founder –

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Teana Baker-Taylor

CMO – Coinfloor

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Maximilian Groth

Co-Founder Decentriq

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Jörgen Modin

Chief Solutions Architect – ChromaWay

Stay tuned for more speaker announcements


BLOXPO is a 1 day conference with different tracks to suit all different interests within the blockchain industry. There might be slight adjustments to the agenda as we come closer to the conference.

8.30 – Registration Opens

9.30 – Opening Ceremony

Ivan Liljeqvist

BLOXPO organizer and host Ivan Liljeqvist (Ivan on Tech) kicks off the conference with an opening ceremony. Afterwards, he takes us through why blockchain is important and how we, and people in third world countries, can benefit from an improved economic system.

10.20 –  Sit down with Richard Heart

Richard Heart

What is a currency at its roots? Why are people putting their trust in trustless currencies? Can currency be seen as an abstraction of reciprocity? Ivan Liljeqvist (Ivan on Tech) interviews Richard Heart, Cryptocurrency Thought Leader, Bitcoin Millionaire and one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs within blockchain, covering opportunities and issues around currencies in an ever-changing financial landscape.

11.15 –  Keynote: Blockchain for Supply Chain

Richard Ettl – Smart Containers Group

How will the future look for supply chain management? What effect could IoT shipping containers have on the logistics and shipping industry? Can we remove the need of trust and manipulation in the input data with the help of blockchain? The team of Smart Containers Group speaks about their work on revolutionizing the shipping industry.

11.45 –  Keynote: Innovation Strategy in a Stock Exchange

Johan Toll – Nasdaq

How can Nasdaq create value inside the organization by using blockchain? And how do they use blockchain to further spur innovation in the industry? Johan Toll, Head of Blockchain Product Management at Nasdaq, speaks about innovation strategy inside the walls of one of the world’s largest stock exchanges, and how they have been an early adopter and supporter of blockchain technology in the finance sector.

 13.00 –  Panel: Blockchain and Politics

Per Bolund, Jessica Rosencrantz, Richard Heart

Blockchain is seen as a disrupting force, not only in business sectors but in governments as well. Ideas include immutable trustless voting systems, more secured national data, land records on smart contracts and CDC’s (Centralized Decentralized Currencies). How should or should not policy react to these technological advances? How will blockchain and cryptocurrencies be regulated in an ever-changing industry? How can we create an understanding and confidence from the general public? The panel includes renowned politicians from all over the world, speaking about their view on blockchain in governments.

Jessica Rosencrantz is a Member of the Swedish Parliament and the spokesperson for the Moderate Party on Digitalization.

Per Bolund is the minister of Financial Markets for the Swedish Government.

Richard Heart is a cryptocurrency thought leader and a well known entrepreneur in the blockchain space.

13.30 –  Keynote: Decentralizing Knowledge

Larry Sanger

How can knowledge sharing be decentralized and built on top of a blockchain? How will knowledge change when it is no longer controlled by one ruling organization? Dr. Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia and CIO of Everipedia – the world’s first and largest blockchain encyclopedia project – speaks about why they decided to found Everipedia and about blockchain’s potential for revolutionizing the knowledge economy.

14.45 –  Fireside Chat: Entrepreneurship in Blockchain

Mahesh Kumar, Larry Sanger,  Christian Ander, Isabella Löwengrip

Three successful entrepreneurs from various organizations and industries speak about startups in the blockchain space, and how ICOs are revolutionising investments. What trends are we seeing in the blockchain industry and what gossip are the insiders hearing? What are we missing and who will be able to catch up with this technology? Mahesh Kumar, CEO of Result, is our host for this section.

Larry Sanger is an American entrepreneur and the co-founder of Wikipedia and currently serves as the CIO of Everipedia – The blockchain rival of Wikipedia.

Christian Ander is the co-founder and former CEO of btcx, Sweden’s first – and largest – Bitcoin exchange.

Isabella Löwengrip is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Nordics Tech House – an accelerator for ideas in the tech industry.

15.45 –  Keynote: Scaling Blockchains

Amrit Kumar – Zilliqa

Why is scalability important? How should we reach it? What demands does this put on the technology? Amrit Kumar, Head of Research at Zilliqa speaks about how they are working to build a high throughput blockchain platform.

16.30 –  Wrap up

Ivan Liljeqvist (Ivan On Tech)

Ivan will take the stage once again and summarize the day. He will discuss what we have learned and what we should take with us. 

19.30 –  Afterparty at Kasai

Powered by Everipedia

Track: Blockchain 101

10.30 –  What is blockchain?

Gisela Edendahl – IBM

What is a blockchain? Is it as important as the internet? Where can we apply this technology? In this first keynote of the day, Gisela Edendahl will give you an introduction to the blockchain technology and an understanding of how it can be used and thus a good foundation for the rest of the day at Bloxpo. The technology has been in the limelight since last year, most commonly found in cryptocurrency contexts, but the main applications are found in other areas and in several different industries, which we will have a look at.

11.15 –  Why cryptocurrencies are required in a decentralized blockchain

Viktor Tigerström – One Agency

A widespread image has been portrayed that decentralized blockchains and cryptocurrencies are two separately aspects that can function without the other. However this image is incorrect, as a decentralized blockchain cannot function without a native value token. What’s important is that non-currency applications can be built on top of a blockchain. The blockchain can be used for many other purposes than currencies. Viktor Tigerström, an experienced blockchain developer from One Agency, will give you an understanding as to why this is, and the function of a cryptocurrency in a decentralized blockchain from a security perspective.

11.40 –  What is an ICO?

Simon Lidén – Angelr

What is an ICO? How can cryptocurrencies be used for fundraising and why is this important in order to fight poverty? Simon Lidén from Angelr is here to talk about ICO:s and how they are adapting their business as an investor to a new way of fundraising.

11.55 – The possibilities with blockchain – and why you shouldn’t miss out

Jonas Möller – Sisyfos Digital

Why does some technologies succeed while others fade away? What is it with blockchain that will not only make is survive but also create new possibilities for existing technology to reach its full potential? Come and listen to Jonas Möller who will share the patterns of technological success in our recent history and help us understand how blockchain can be developed, and how it can develop us.

Track: Investments & Entrepreneurship

13.00 – Keynote: Long on Crypto Assets

Amadeo Brands

Decentralization means that individual users are more empowered and less restricted. It implies that many people are working in harmony. It is neither communism nor a version of cyberpunk fiction. Decentralization boosts capitalism by creating new layers of work production, value creation and a more inclusive economy.

13.20 – Impulse Talk: Crypto investments

Alexander Mitrovic

13.30 – Panel: Crypto Asset Investment

Maximilian Groth, Teana Baker-Taylor, Amadeo Brands, Alexander Mitrovic

How do you build your portfolio as you invest in crypto assets? Does HODLing work, and what is needed to be able to gain from HODLing? What do we need in order to make solid investment decisions and build sustainable strategies?

Maximilian Groth is the co-founder of Decentriq – enabling financial institutions to invest in blockchain technology.

Teana Baker-Taylor is the CMO of Coinfloor – a full service company enabling both individuals and private persons to buy cryptocurrencies.

Amadeo Brands is a Fundamental Analyst and IT Manager at Cyber Capital – an investment fund specialized in blockchain and cryptocurrency investment

Alexander Mitrovic is a Managing Partner at UseTech Integration – a full cycle IT solutions company with deep expertise in Retail, Wholesale and E-commerce industries.

14.00 – Keynote: Bitcoin, Blockchain, ICO, Now What?

Christian Ander

We have seen the world react to Bitcoin, blockchain and ICOs, but what is next? Will Bitcoin become the world currency in our current global and digitalized world? Christian Ander, founder of BTCX and one of Sweden’s first bitcoin entrepreneurs as well as a blockchain advisor for major banks in Sweden, give his predictions for the future of decentralization. 

Track: Energy

14.45 – Keynote: Decentralizing Energy Systems

Catharina Geiselhart

How can we use blockchain in order to enable a decentralized energy system? What business models should be applied in the energy sector? What effect will the digital transformation with blockchain have on the power & utility industries? Catharina Geiselhart, Senior Consultant in the Energy & Utilities Team at PwC, shares her work as an advisor for European utility companies in the development of Blockchain-based business models, prototypes and proof-of-concepts.

15.15 – Impulse Talk: Monetizing Commons & Communities via Virtual Commodities

Sebnem Rusitschka 

Tokenizing energy and similar commodities yields virtual commodities. This impulse talk aims at changing your perspective on tokens and what can be done with them in a new paradigm.

15.25 – Panel: Future of Energy

Catharina Geiselhart, Anna von Grünigen, Sebnem Rusitschka

How do we limit the environmental impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies? What new challenges and opportunities arise from using blockchain? How can we help move the energy sector forward and further open up our energy markets?

15.50 – Keynote: Green Mining

Anna von Grünigen

What effects have mining had on the environment? How do we establish a system where mining doesn’t waste the resources of our planet? What new opportunities can we see arise from “sustainable” or “green mining”? Anna von Grünigen from Cointed speaks about how Cointed is working to make mining sustainable.

Track: Decentralized World

10.30 –  Keynote: How to build a Dapp

Thomas Backlund – Superblocks

What are smart contracts? How are those used to build decentralized applications (dapps)? What tools should we use to simplify the development process? Thomas Backlund from Superblocks is an experienced blockchain developer and is here to show us how the process of how decentralized applications are developed and what you should have in mind when building them.

11.05 – Keynote: How to NOT get hacked

Michael Wirth – ChainSecurity

Why are smart contracts prone to hacking? How can we avoid the common pitfalls and increase the security of our contracts? Learn from Michael Wirth of ChainSecurity how they are working with contract security and what you need to do to prevent hackers from stealing the funds raised in your ICO.

11.25 – Keynote: The future of public blockchains

Jörgen Modin – ChromeAway

What are the bottlenecks of todays public blockchains? What capabilities should we look for in future blockchain blockchain platforms? Jörgen Modin is the Chief Solutions Architect at ChromaWay, one of the earliest blockchain companies in the world. In 2012 their CTO created the very first way to issue tokens on a blockchain. Now they are launching a new public blockchain for advanced dApps.

11.45 – Panel: Where is blockchain heading?

Eric Björk, Jörgen Modin, Michael Wirth, Kadan Stadelmann

Track: Data Ownership & Regulation

13.00 –  Keynote: Blockchain and the ecosystem – A Microsoft Perspective

Daniel Akenine,  Sebastian Hermelin, Stefan Farestam

Many blockchain projects ends in failure – they become technology driven projects searching for problems. Why not first try to find the problem and then the solution? Join us for a discussion with Microsoft on blockchain and the ecosystem. How can platform providers like Microsoft and Azure work with blockchain providers like CareChain and how can this finally be transformed to real value through services like WarOnCancer?

13.30 –  Keynote: Blockchain in Healthcare

Johan Sällström – CareChain

Can we enable healthcare professionals to focus on what’s important? How can we create a common database of health information that healthcare professionals and providers could access no matter what electronic medical system they use? What responsibility do we have in working with confidential information? Johan Sellström, co-founder of CareChain, speaks about how, with the use of blockchain, we can uphold data integrity within healthcare as the need for higher security, privacy and less admin grows in the healthcare industry.

13.45 – Keynote: Token Regulation

Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler

How should regulators position themselves in the new token economy? What are the legal implications of blockchain/distributed ledger technology? How do you structure business cases in the infrastructure, IoT, data, logistic, energy and retail sector as well as the financing via token sales? Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler, Partner at DWF, speaks about the legal implementation of blockchain and tokenization.

14.05 – Panel: Token Regulation

Dr. Siedler, Elfriede Sixt, Stig Johansson

What is the government’s interest in the new token economy? How should regulators position themselves to best leverage the power of blockchain? What role does regulators play in balancing both innovation and stable financial markets?

Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler is a partner at DWF – a technology-oriented global law firm – where she heads the international Blockchain Competence Group.

Elfriede Sixt is the Tax Spokesperson for the German Blockchain Association.

Stig Johansson is the Head of Innovation Center at FI (Sweden’s financial supervisory authority)

Track: Media & Travel

14.45 – Keynote: Infecting Journalism with the Blockchain Bug

Walid Al-Saqaf

What role does data play in journalism? How can we use blockchain to confront disinformation, censorship and illegal content? Why is it important to involve scholars and media industries when discussing how blockchains could be developed and used going forward? Walid Al-Saqaf, University Researcher in Blockchain and Media Technology, speak about blockchain technology in journalism.

15.15 – Keynote: Welt der Wunder

Hendrik Hey

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BLOXPO is held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Sweden is ranked as a world-leading player in new technology and innovation and the blockchain community is growing fast.


Friends Arena / Quality Hotel Friends

Råsta Strandväg 1

169 79 Solna




Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLOXPO?

BLOXPO is Europe’s largest blockchain conference and takes place in Stockholm on May 17th 2018. The conference is organized by Stockholm Blockchain, the YouTube influencer Ivan On Tech and the Swedish Blockchain Association.

For the 2018 edition, we are joined by politicians, global blockchain experts and business leaders from multiple industries at this year’s venue, Friends Arena in Stockholm. The conference will cover a range of topics, such as how decentralized applications will disrupt our way of business and how the future of money will be put on its edge as cryptocurrencies continue to grow.

BLOXPO was founded to inspire people and organizations to invest, build and start companies with blockchain. Together we have the possibility to make the world more transparent, connected and democratic.

Should I attend BLOXPO?

Regardless if you’ve only heard about Bitcoin and blockchain or you already consider yourself an expert, BLOXPO is the conference you want to be at. Meet like-minded people, listen to panels and talks, and learn even more.

BLOXPO is open to anyone interested in joining our mission – to forget the hype and instead put our focus on building the things that will change the world. Get your tickets here.

Where is BLOXPO organised?

BLOXPO is organised at Friends Arena Expo Hall in Stockholm, Sweden. The address is Råsta Strandväg 1, 169 79 Solna.

Can I exhibit my company at BLOXPO?

Of course! We have an Expo Hall where you and other companies interested in blockchain will have a chance to talk to attendees and show what they’re working on. Are you interested in a booth at the Expo Hall? Please send an email to and you will be provided with more information about the different packages we offer.

The last date to apply for a booth is on May 12th, 2018.

Can I be a partner for BLOXPO?

Yes! If you’re working in blockchain or are interested in joining the industry, we want you there! Please send an email to and you will be provided with more information about the different packages we offer, and discuss further what we can achieve together!

Are there any discounts for students?

Yes, if you are a student at KTH, Stockholm University, Stockholm School of Economics, Uppsala University or Örebro University, we already have established collaborations to provide you with tickets at 15€ each. Please contact your student group committee to get access your discount code or email us at

If you are a student from another university, please send an email to and we will help you out. There are only a limited amount of student tickets available, so rush to grab your spot today!

How can I register myself as a volunteer?

Yes, of course. We’d love to have you on our team on the big day! Please fill out the form and we will reach out to you with more information.

Where can I find the agenda?

The full agenda can be found on this page. If you’re having any trouble viewing the agenda (we’re currently working on an issue where Internet Explorer isn’t properly displaying the sessions), please try a different browser. If the problem remains, please let us know at and we’ll send you the agenda

Will all the talks and panels be held in English?

Yes, English is the only language spoken on stage.

What are some of the suggested places to stay near the conference center?

The closest place is Quality Hotel Friends. If you are travelling from outside Stockholm and if you cannot find a spot, reach out to us at with your booked BLOXPO ticket and we will try to find a spot for you to stay.

For general inquiries, contact us at

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